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Pov and Moray objects:

Complete set of a toy blocks (does anyone there knows the name of this toy?). Motor and battery included (better than the original). Objects in Moray (mdl) format (14K). The battery texture is also included.
Bob - A (more one?) lego character, to be used in animation. It has a helmet and 6 different face expressions. It moves the arms, hands, head and legs. It has 3 skin and hair colors, and 7 different colors of the shirt, pants and helmet. Included are also a waistcoat, a chair and an umbrella. Objects are in .inc Pov format. The file header tells how to use it (5K).
Mecano - This model was used in a animation in Povray. This object is available for download in Moray (mdl) format. Also included is the complete set of the wood blocks (9K).
TrackThor - This is another car used in an animation shown in my galery. Together are Bob - the lego character -, and a include file ( used to generate belts. Objects are in Povray format (11K). Instructions are given in the header of each file.
An optical microscope done in Moray 3.3. This model has joints, and allow you to point the mirror, to adjust the focus and tilt the device. The microscope has 4 lenses, and the optics really work!. You can try and see for yourself what the sample is by selecting Camera02 for render (9K).