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Image rendered with POV Ray by Valdemir Carrara

Welcome to my home page. I'm a POV enthusiast and I live in Brazil, so the main page is written in Portuguese. I invite you to visit my home page in Portuguese if you speak or understand it.

Firstly, a few words about myself. I'm a mechanical engineer, with M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Space Mechanics. I work at INPE (National Institute for Space Research) for the Brazilian Space Agency, in satellite attitude control design. I also teach Computer Graphics in Braz Cubas University for Computer Sciences and Computer Engineering courses. In my classes I use mainly POV, due to the fact that it is a graphic language - and free!

I'm not a graphic artist. My pictures, as you can see, lack of the artistic mood. But I like the mathematical theory behind Computer Graphics, so my interest is devoted to understand it and explain CG to people that want to learn.

VALdemir CARrara

Last update in 02/18/2002

Credit: With exception of Monalisa, all the images from this page were rendered with Povray. The guitar model comes from Magnus Edsberger, in 3DCafe and converted to Pov by 3DWin of Thomas Baier. The disk model used in "download" came from Povworld (Mitsuhiro Seike). Everything else was my production.