Here, there and everywhere

Lennon / McCartney – Beatles: Revolver (1966)




G             Bm           Bb                                   Asus4  D7

To lead a better life I need my love to be here_______


G Am7 Bm7             C             G         Am7

Here, making each day of the year_____

Bm7                 C              F#7sus4       B7

Changing my life with a wave of her hand

F#7sus4  B7   Em                     Am            Am7            D7

Nobody can deny that there's something there_______


G Am7 Bm7             C                         G         Am7

There, running my hand through her hair______

Bm7           C                   F#7sus4       B7

Both of us thinking how good it can be

F#7sus4         B7                Em             Am            Am7  D7

Someone is speaking but she doesn't know he's there__


   F7           Bb               Gm

I want her everywhere

            Cm                  D7                   Gm (Riff)

And if she's beside me I know I need never care

Cm                  D7

But to love her is to meet her


G      Am7    Bm7               C              G           Am7

Ev'rywhere knowing that love is to share______

Bm7            C              F#7sus4        B7

Each one believing that love never dies

F#7sus4            B7         Em              Am        Am7      D7

Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there_____


        G Am7      Bm7  C

And will be there, and everywhere

G       Am7          Bm7  C          G

Here, there, and everywhere


Underline: Chorus in Uh|-------2x---------|  |-------2x-------|

        G  Bm Bb Am  D7    G Am7 Bm7 C     F#7sus4 B7  Em  Am  Am7  D7






Chords:            Asus4 - (  5  7  7  7  5  5)           F#7sus4 - ( 2  4  2  4  2  2)

                        B7  - ( X  2  1  2  0  2)


Riff:                                  But to love her is to meet her