Satellite Attitude and Orbit Toolbox for Matlab

This program can be freely distributed provided using for non-commercial purposes and since the authors are cited in references.

PROPAT is is a small set of functions in Matlab to simulate and propagate orbit and attitude of an Earth's satellite. Several functions allow to transform between orbit and attitude coordinates.

  • Attitude convertion to and from: Euler angles, Euler axis and angle, rotation matrix and quaternions.
  • Rigid body attitude propagation
  • Kepler equation solver
  • Brower orbit propagation
  • Numeric orbit propagation
  • Keplerian to and from rectangular orbit elements convertion
  • Inertial to and from terrestrial rectangular coordinates convertion.
  • Convertion to and from geocentric and geodetic coordinates.
  • Convertion to and from date and Julian date.
  • Greenwich sideral time
  • Sun position (Earth orbit)
  • Satellite-Sun-Earth relative position (Earth's Shadow)
  • Sunsynchronous orbit

          DINAME 2015 paper
          DINAME 2015 slide show

To install and use it, follow these steps:

1) Download the PROPAT package (zip compressed)

2) Unpack the file in any folder.

2) From the Matlab console go to the PROPAT folder:

 >>cd 'c:\My Folder\Matlab\propat'

3) Get help with

>>help propat

Version: 1.06 (July 2017)

New in version 1.04:
        sun_dir function
New in version 1.05
        visviva function
New in version 1.06
       sunsynchronous orbit functions
       Earth gravity model (numeric integration)

Carrara, V. An Open Source Satellite Attitude
and Orbit Simulator Toolbox for Matlab
DINAME 2015 – Proceedings of the XVII International Symposium on Dynamic Problems
of Mechanics. Natal, RN, Brazil, Feb 22-27, 2015. (ISSN 2316-9567)

Video examples (also here)

Rectangular prism colision with a flat plane, top view:

Full frame
Slow motion

Rectangular prism colision with a flat plane, front view:

Full frame
Slow motion